How does Mindmarker work?

Mindmarker reinforces training to drive lasting impact and generate long-term results.

Companies look to solve business problems through training, but find it difficult to prove learners are applying what they retained. While you invest time, money, and resources into your training programs, the impact is often very low. How do you move learners beyond basic knowledge retention and into actively applying their new skills?


The Mindmarker concept starts with defining training reinforcement objectives that close the 5 common training gaps to achieve the 3 phases of behavior change. Once your organization has determined reinforcement objectives, the next step is building your training reinforcement program by designing your Mindmarker messages, and creating your timeline.

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Execute the reinforcement program by inviting your learners. Mindmarker’s advanced system automatically sends a series of strategically designed, scheduled, and measured push and pull communications. By optimizing media type, length, and delivery, Mindmarker training reinforcement helps learners apply their newfound knowledge.

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By using a variety of media, quiz, and survey questions, Mindmarker’s analytical tool gathers the data necessary to measure increasing knowledge levels and behavior change over time. Mindmarker’s analytical tool makes it easy to generate Actionable Intelligence, assess program effectiveness, monitor participant progress, and measure training impact all in real-time.

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Mindmarker helps your organization maximize training impact.

Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and forget the information within days, causing them to revert back to old habits. For training to have the greatest impact, it must be reinforced. As the global leader in training reinforcement and sustainment, Mindmarker helps clients use their original content to create an effective reinforcement program delivered through an innovative cloud-based platform.

Bridge the Gap

How do you bridge the gap between training and application? For training to have the most impact, it must be reinforced.

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Determine Desired Impact

What do you want learners to DO after training? What is the desired impact? Determine measurable objectives.

10-Steps to Determine Objectives »

Reinforce Training

An adaptive reinforcement program will bridge the gap between training and impact by driving lasting behavior change.

Science Behind Mindmarker »

Stages of Behavior Change »

Mindmarker’s unique methodology incorporates science and technology to close the 5 common reinforcement gaps.

Close Reinforcement Gaps »

Strategic Design »

By optimizing media, timing, length, and delivery, we implement an effective training reinforcement program.

Effective Reinforcement »

Personalized Journey »

Mindmarker’s unique algorithm provides an adaptive learning program that caters to each learner’s unique needs.

Adaptive Learning »


Learning Module »

Mindmarker programs consist of a series of learning modules, each with specific objectives that are based on the desired impact.

Reinforcement Objectives »

Knowledge Retention »

By focusing on one specific reinforcement objective for several weeks, the learning module promotes knowledge retention to achieve the desired behavior change.

Knowledge Retention »

Advanced Technology »

Recognized as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor, Mindmarker’s groundbreaking technology combines on-demand microlearning, assessment, and reinforcement.

Microlearning »

 With Mindmarker, behavior change is 4x greater.

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Leadership Development »

Many organizations believe that the impact of their leadership training cannot be measured. However, with Mindmarker’s analytical tool, we can determine that leadership effectiveness increases by 41% after reinforcement.

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Sales Enablement »

With Mindmarker, sales volume increased by 121%. Sales training should focus on the end result. Is the goal to improve product knowledge, close more deals, or improve sales tactics? How will your learners benefit from your sales training?

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New Hire Onboarding »

With Mindmarker, the time spent training new hires decreased by 63%. Organizations conduct training on a variety of topics, but new hire training is one of the most critical programs since it serves as an introduction to the company culture and best practices.

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