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Most learners finish training and quickly forget 90% of what they just learned.

Organizations identify a problem or need and look to solve a business problem through classroom training or eLearning course, but find it difficult to prove training results and measure long-term behavior change. How do you move learners beyond basic knowledge retention and into actively applying their new knowledge and skills back on the job?

Days after training new knowledge and skills start to fade away and learners begin to revert back to old habits. This severely threatens the ultimate goals of achieving business impact, driving behavior change, and increasing productivity.

Drive lasting behavior change with Mindmarker, the leader in training reinforcement.

Reinforce Training »

Mindmarker’s advanced system automatically sends a series of reinforcement messages to help learners apply their new knowledge and skills back on the job.

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Strategically Designed »

Reinforcement is a series of well balanced push and pull communication moments strategically designed, delivered, and timed to drive business impact and lasting behavior change.

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Lasting Behavior Change »

By connecting critical elements like microlearning, questions, assignments, and repeating survey questions, Mindmarker training reinforcement helps learners change their behaviors.

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Apply Knowledge Skills

For training to have the most impact, it must be reinforced.

With reinforcement, the focus shifts away from the model of knowing how to do something and towards a more sophisticated model of application, evaluation, and mastery. When science and methodology meet with advanced, award-winning technology to deliver training reinforcement, the result is lasting behavior change. Read more »

Mindmarker focuses on evaluation, application, and mastery.


Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their new knowledge and skills.


With Mindmarker training reinforcement, 83% of learners achieve long-term behavior change.

Knowledge Retention

Help your learners master and apply their new knowledge and skills.

If you want to maximize retention and drive behavior change, it’s important to provide the perfect balance between “push and pull”. By connecting critical elements like message content, type, timing, and length, Mindmarker’s proven reinforcement methodology successfully addresses and closes the 5 reinforcement gaps. Read more »

How does Mindmarker work?

Mindmarker Desktop Training App

Advanced Features »

With features like localization, single sign-on, and adaptive learning, Mindmarker’s award-winning training reinforcement application maximizes training value.

How Mindmarker Works »

Mindmarker Methodology »

Our methodology combines a variety of scientific studies, psychology theories, academic research, and 10 years of corporate training results from clients and partners worldwide.

Drive Lasting Impact »

Measure Behavior Change »

Mindmarker’s analytical tool measures behavior change over time, generates Actionable Intelligence, and provides valuable insight into training effectiveness.

Actionable Intelligence »

Assess Training Impact

With Mindmarker, behavior change results are 4x greater.

Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their new knowledge and skills, but when training is reinforced with Mindmarker, more than 83% of learners achieved long-term behavior change. Mindmarker helps learners change their behaviors and apply what they learned in training back on the job. See reported findings below:

Leadership effectiveness
increased by


Time spent training
new hires decreased by


Sales volume
increased by


Customer satisfaction ratings
increased by


Learning App
  • "Mindmarker has allowed us to take advantage of the mobile space and enhance our ability to enable managers to develop their unique leadership capabilities… Mindmarker was a fast and exciting way to get our material mobile…. Our mission is to transform how companies develop leaders. Mindmarker allowed us to innovate our follow-through process and extend our engagement with our clients."

  • "Mindmarker’s input during the design phase was invaluable and their process was dead easy to implement with our clients; the periodic reminders, prompts, and questions have been useful elements of their training implementations."

  • "Mindmarker's analytical tool interface is graphically and visually appealing and so easy to use—very intuitive and easy to navigate.  I can easily see participant status at a glance and can drill down to view individual responses.  The Manager's Dashboard provides a real-time view of what participants are or aren’t doing."

  • "Mindmarker has provided an effective way to reinforce the learning from our sessions while at the same time providing a much needed way of measuring the effectiveness of what we teach. Mindmarker filled a much needed gap in the work we do with our clients."

  • "We all know that one of the biggest issues with training is retention and transfer to the job. Mindmarker provides one of the most effective, flexible, and cost effective solutions I have seen and represents a model for what the industry needs to create ROI on precious training dollars and time investments."

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Apply New Knowledge

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We’d love to help you learn and implement the key elements of our proven methodology that will help your organization achieve lasting results.

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Ready to experience our adaptive learning algorithm first hand? Design a program, create Mindmarkers, determine objectives, build a program timeline, invite test participants, and pull detailed reports during your free 30-day trial.

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