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Our reinforcement tool not only meets the highest security standards available, but also includes localization, and single sign-on capabilities.

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Most learners forget 90% of their training and quickly revert back to old habits.

Days after the training, your learners begin to revert back to old habits. While you invested time and money in the training, the impact is very low. So how do you move your employees from forgetting knowledge to actively applying the skills back on the job?

Mindmarker takes your objectives and existing training material to reinforce the knowledge your learners acquired in your training course. Mindmarker training reinforcement consists of a series of learning modules customized to reinforce a desired behavior change. Once they have achieved the specific reinforcement goal, learners then move on to the next module.

Reinforcement messages called “Mindmarkers” strategically guide learners through your plan to increase knowledge retention and create lasting behavior change. Our methodology optimizes message content, type, timing, and length to help your learners increase knowledge retention, achieve measurable objectives, and drive lasting behavior change.

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Drive lasting impact with Mindmarker training reinforcement.

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