Higher Education MBA Program

Mindmarker Client Success Story

The Client

The client, The University of Georgia (UGA), is one of America’s oldest and most distinctive institutions of higher learning, offering rigorous programs that span the undergraduate liberal arts to doctoral-level degrees. With more than 36,000 students enrolled in 17 schools and colleges, UGA is consistently ranked among the nation’s leading institutions.

The Project Outline

Mindmarker recently worked with UGA, one of the nation’s most distinctive learning institutions, to reinforce the knowledge and skills taught to during an 8-week Executive MBA program. Rather than waiting until after the program was complete, the reinforcement program coincided with the materials taught each week.


Following the Mindmarker methodology, Mindmarker designed and implemented a cloud-based reinforcement program for 25 executives throughout the course of the 8-week MBA Executive program. The goal of the reinforcement program was to help the students remember and apply the material they learned each week. The main challenge was to make sure the Mindmarker program focused on key objectives and incorporated the right balance of reinforcement and repetition without overloading the students with too much information during the week.

Program Timeline »

The program consisted of 8 classes and a trip to Dubai. By reinforcing the curriculum materials throughout the 8-week program, UGA was able to enhance their MBA program by providing a better learning experience for the students and achieving greater results.

Mobile Reinforcement »

The students downloaded the Mindmarker mobile application at the start of the 8-week MBA program. With push notifications sent to their smartphones, the students were able to easily participate in the Mindmarker reinforcement program.

Advanced Analytics »

The in-class tests were delivered on Mindmarker’s mobile app so that the student’s could use their smartphone for testing. The results counted towards their total credits and the professor could instantly see results within the Mindmarker application.


“The Mindmarker system gave a whole new dimension to teaching a class. It kept the students on track during the week and gave me an excellent tool to do in-class testing on their smartphones with live results.”  – Professor Antonia Saravia


of learners stated they were very impressed with Mindmarker’s ability to keep them on track.


of learners stated having the ability to take the exams on their phone was a great experience.


 of learners stated they would recommend the MBA program to their peers.

With Mindmarker, behavior change results are 4x greater.

Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their new knowledge and skills, but when training is reinforced with Mindmarker, more than 83% of learners achieved long-term behavior change. Mindmarker helps learners change their behaviors and apply what they learned in training back on the job. See reported findings below:

Leadership effectiveness
increased by


Time spent training
new hires decreased by


Sales volume
increased by


Customer satisfaction ratings
increased by


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