Measure Mindmarker Analytics

Measure Behavior Change Over Time

Measure progress, track KPIs, and prove training ROI.

Recurring survey questions are designed to provide insight into knowledge levels and measure behavior change over time. The timing and content for training reinforcement programs is carefully crafted to create Actionable Intelligence and drive positive change. Mindmarker analytics will help your organization generate Actionable Intelligence to evaluate and optimize training impact. Read more »

Assess Program Impact

Assess training effectiveness by tracking your learners as they progress through your reinforcement program.

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Pull Detailed Reports

Mindmarker’s Analytical tool’s detailed reports provides valuable information on your learner’s responses to Mindmarkers.

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Assess training impact with the Manager’s Dashboard.

The Manager’s Dashboard provides instant access to your reinforcement data, enabling stakeholders to make decisions and take actions that impact the effectiveness of your training. Administrators can subscribe to weekly emails to closely monitor program success. With 4 reporting widgets, our Manager’s Dashboard provides essential reporting information at a glance, allowing you to gather Actionable Intelligence quickly.

The 4 reports are Status, Progress, Score and Knowledge reports (Quiz questions). Quickly run the report by clicking the square with the arrow. This will open the report for you to fully view and export the details.


This is an overview of your group’s current participation status. All learners in “invited” status have yet to start and may need some encouragement.


Monitor progress as your learners move toward completion. Progress charts show the pace at which learners are moving relative to their peers.

Prove Training ROI

Assess the effectiveness of your programs, measure behavior change over time, monitor increasing knowledge levels, and prove the value of training investments.



Score is calculated through a combination of factors: the learner’s overall participation, progress, speed, completion rate, and knowledge retention.


Knowledge reports provide an overview of your learner’s overall knowledge retention. Higher percentages show an increasing level of knowledge retention.