Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Mindmarker Client Success Story

The Client

The client is one of the leading professional services firms in audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services for companies and organization across all types of industries. With over 200,000 professionals delivering services in more than 150 countries, the client is known for being very selective with their choices in human resource programs.

The Project Outline

The client came to Mindmarker to reinforce their Management Essentials Learning program. The goal of the of the reinforcement program was to motivate continuous development of their leaders and to reinforce the new knowledge and skills obtained during the 2-day course.

Reinforcement Objectives »

The reinforcement program focused on three objectives: the stages of contribution, coaching strategies, and communication with executives. The goal of the program was to motivate each learner to work on their personal development despite their very busy client schedule.

Reinforcement Content »

The 24-week reinforcement program first focused is on the different stages of contribution. Awareness and knowledge of the different stages were reinforced through scenarios and quiz questions. Through scenarios, practical cases, and tips, a leader’s behavior is changed.

Reinforcement Timeline »

During the 24 weeks, leaders received Mindmarkers to reinforce their communication skills, changing their behavior from last minute actions, into well-prepared presentations. This intensive self-reflection increased their ability to address individual development.


Mindmarker designed a cloud-based program for all leaders who participated in the Management Essentials Learning Program. Mindmarker reinforcement program focused on the learners’ commitment and daily development. With the 11 assignments spread out over 6 months, the self-reflective evaluations helped increase learner engagement. By using repeating survey questions, the organization gathered insights into how coaching from higher management is done, and the experience/effect of the participants.

The Results of the Program

By using repeating survey questions, the organization gathered insights into how coaching from higher management is done, and the experience/effect of the participants. In this reinforcement program, Mindmarker incorporated special images from the classroom into 74% of the Mindmarkers. The utilization of this media helped to effectively reduce the amount of reading time. Mindmarker utilized 13 videos taken from key stakeholders in the Management Essentials Learning Program. These videos pointed out the importance of the program, the execution of all assignments, and helped provide self-reflection.


of all learners completed all of their Mindmarkers.


of learners are engaging in regular coaching sessions.


 of learners felt more confident in their leadership skills.

With Mindmarker, behavior change results are 4x greater.

Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their new knowledge and skills, but when training is reinforced with Mindmarker, more than 83% of learners achieved long-term behavior change. Mindmarker helps learners change their behaviors and apply what they learned in training back on the job. See reported findings below:

Leadership effectiveness
increased by


Time spent training
new hires decreased by


Sales volume
increased by


Customer satisfaction ratings
increased by


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