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NEW eBook: How to Design, Implement, and Improve Training Reinforcement

The Mindmarker concept involves 3 specific modules: program design, learner participation, and analyzing results for Actionable Intelligence. Download this eBook to learn more about the different types of Mindmarkers, how to design and implement an effective program, and how to utilize our analytical tool to improve results.

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Reinforcement Design


The Science Behind Reinforcement

When you want staff to learn new information, retain it, and implement it in the workplace, you must understand the brain’s ergonomics and design a reinforcement program that is effective. Learn more about the science, analysis, and studies behind Mindmarker’s methodology.

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Comprehensive Reinforcement
Program Design Checklist

Program design is critical to the success of your training reinforcement program. A poorly designed reinforcement program could fail to create lasting impact or drive behavior change.

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Moving Beyond The Ebbinghaus
Forgetting Curve

Maybe your training program has great content, but are your learners actively changing their behaviors? Download this eBook to learn how to move your learners from forgetting to applying.

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The Beginner’s Guide to
Training Reinforcement

In this eBook, we discuss everything you need to know to get your learning and development team started with training reinforcement.

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10-Step Guide to Determine
Your Reinforcement Objectives

Download this step-by-step guide to determine reinforcement objectives that will achieve the desired business impact.

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From the Olympics to Training Reinforcement

In Part 1 of the Mindmarker Total Concept eBook, you will learn about the history, methodology, and the 7 principles behind Mindmarker training reinforcement. Learn how our founder brought his Olympic training experience and principles into the corporate training industry and utilized these key concepts to establish Mindmarker.

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