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Mindmarker Client Success Story

The Client

This client is a $15 billion pharmaceutical company with an established presence in hundreds of global markets.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives must successfully present new products to physicians and healthcare providers, which is why product knowledge is integral in the company’s sales process.

The Project Outline

With the release of every new or updated product, the company requires their sales representatives to complete extensive monthly training sessions.

Because managers are responsible for the support, development, and training of their sales team, the client came to Mindmarker requesting help with knowledge retention.


Mindmarker reviewed the client’s training materials to identify priorities, address challenges, define learning objectives, establish measurable goals, and design an effective training reinforcement program. Mindmarker added specific survey questions to gather Actionable Intellegence and determine the gaps in knowledge retention to improve training.


 of 43,617 Mindmarkers were completed during the program.


of the learners found the Mindmarker tool helpful.

The Results of the 6-Week Program

The Mindmarker analytical tool provided advanced reporting to help their representatives improve sales conversations. In addition, the results from the survey questions gave the organization insight into their sales process and helped managers create individual sales development plans.

Reinforce Training »

Mindmarker worked with the client to create a program focused on reinforcing product training. The pharmaceutical company enrolled 1,435 of their representatives into the 6-week program.

Create Long-Term Impact »

Each reinforcement message was crafted to guide the sales representatives, motivate learning, strengthen their product knowledge, improve their sales tactics, and increase revenue.

Create Actionable Intelligence »

After the teams completed their programs, their managers were able to utilize the program results to improve training impact by establishing an even more effective post-training process.

Mindmarker focuses on evaluation, application, and mastery.

With Mindmarker, behavior change results are 4x greater.

Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their newfound knowledge, but when training is reinforced with Mindmarker, more than 83% of learners exhibit long-term changes. Mindmarker helps learners change their behaviors and apply what they learned back on the job. See reported findings below:

Leadership effectiveness
increased by


Time spent training
new hires decreased by


Sales volume
increased by


Customer satisfaction
increased by



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