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Explore our advanced, award-winning technology built for training reinforcement.

Mindmarker provides training reinforcement to over 100 countries across multiple platforms and devices. Connect your learners to additional training materials at the touch of a button to increase knowledge retention.

Assessments »

Create need-gap analysis with the use of Assessments.

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Microlearning »

Learners can access certain Microlearning items based on their progress.

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Custom Branding per Program »

You now have the ability to Custom Brand each Program Card.

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  • Highest Level of Security

    Mindmarker’s advanced cloud-based application meets the highest software security standards available so that your organization can rest easy knowing your training is reinforced securely.
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  • Engaging Learners with Leaderboard

    By showing learners how they are performing in comparison to their peers, the Mindmarker Leaderboard stimulates friendly competition, increases engagement, motivates participation, and encourages application.
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  • User Friendly

    Mindmarker’s beautiful, responsive design automatically formats to your device to provide your learners with the best user experience.
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  • Customized to Your Brand

    Mindmarker allows you the flexibility to customize our advanced application to your brand. Provide your learners with the best user experience across all major platforms including: iOS, Android and Web Browser Applications.
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  • Measure Behavior Change Over Time

    The analytical tool makes it easy to assess the effectiveness of your programs, prove the value of training investments, and measure behavior change over time.
    Mindmarker Analytics »

  • Reinforce Training Principles

    Are your learners applying training principles? Mindmarker’s innovative approach to training reinforcement offers benefits for a wide-range of soft-skill and technical programs.
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Assessments »

Using an Assessment is an excellent way to measure knowledge levels and use its results to create an individualized Learning Journey. You can use Assessments pre-class, at the beginning of the Program, midway or even at the end of your Program.



Microlearning »

Customizable, category-specific Microlearning elements can be unlocked at various milestones in a program to increase engagement, skill performance and overall behavior change. Once unlocked, this content is available to learners on-demand for additional support, knowledge transfer, and application.

Custom Branding for Programs »

To create visually unique Learning Journeys, customize each Program Card by assigning brand/program specific HEX color codes, logos, and patterns.

Custom Branding

Program Blueprints »

Utilize unique reinforcement program templates that contain placeholder Mindmarkers that can be adjusted, edited, copied, or customized.

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Assign Objectives »

Assign a color-coded training reinforcement objective to each of your Mindmarker messages to create a visual element on the grid view.

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Timeline Grid View »

The grid view not only provides an excellent visual of the design and intensity, but it also offers an easy way to edit the timeline and overall structure.

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Program Blueprints »

By calculating the number of objectives and the duration of a program, the Mindmarker algorithm produces a unique reinforcement program template that contains placeholder Mindmarkers that can be adjusted, edited, copied, or customized.

Reinforcement Blueprints

Reinforcement Blueprints

Timeline Grid View »

A reinforcement program includes two critical elements – the program design and the program build. Our new grid view allows program designers to see exactly when the Mindmarker reinforcement messages are sent as well as the corresponding objective tied to each message. The grid view not only provides an excellent visual of the design and intensity, but it also offers an easy way to edit the timeline and overall structure.


To drive long-term training impact your reinforcement program must be based on reinforcement objectives. The grid view displays each type of Mindmarker and the corresponding color-coded objective to provide a visual timeline of when, where, and how your program focuses on achieving each objective. Learn more in our eBook: 10-Steps to Determine Your Objectives »

Reinforcement Objectives

Customize your Mindmarker training reinforcement program to meet your unique needs.

Mindmarker takes your learning objectives, reinforcement goals, and existing training material to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in your training. This is done by curating message content, type, timing, and length. Mindmarker’s proven reinforcement methodology successfully closes the 5 reinforcement gaps.

Unlimited Space for Resources »

Mindmarker offers unlimited space to host videos, images, and content within the resource section. Media is optimized to the speed of the user, guaranteeing a fluid and speedy delivery.

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Automatic Localization »

Mindmarker’s cloud-based platform automatically recognizes the user’s location, adjusting to the local time zones, and utilizing the most common language in that location.

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Single Sign-On »

Learners can utilize the Mindmarker application for multiple programs. With Mindmarker’s single sign-on feature, learners can log in just one time for uninterrupted use.

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Adaptive Learning

Learners move at different paces and learn in different ways, so why should training material be delivered in one format?

Increase retention with personalized learning paths.

By personalizing Mindmarkers to suit the learner’s unique needs, we guide the learner down a personalized learning path that leads to knowledge retention and lasting behavior change. Catering training reinforcement to the individual helps increase engagement and improve program effectiveness. Read more about adaptive learning in our blog post: 10 Key Benefits of Adaptive Learning »

Content Variety »

By using a variety of content, media, quiz questions, open questions, and survey questions, Mindmarker gathers the critical data needed to measure increasing knowledge levels.

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Extension of eLearning »

Mindmarker reinforcement is used as an extension of eLearning and is designed to provide learners with the best user experience across all major platforms and devices.

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Modular Approach »

In each of our onboarding programs, Mindmarker uses a modular approach with a foundation focused on learners developing and improving their newly acquired knowledge.

How it Works »

Reinforce anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

With over 10 years of experience as the leader in training reinforcement, we are confident that Mindmarker can help your business with the creation, execution, and delivery of your reinforcement programs.

Measure Behavior Change »

Mindmarker’s analytical tool measures behavior changes over time and provides valuable insights into training effectiveness and progress.

Assess Training Impact »

Mindmarker Methodology »

Our methodology combines a variety of scientific studies and psychological theories to address the different aspects critical to achieving behavior change.

Science Behind Mindmarker »

Additional Content »

Learners can access additional training content, evaluate their personal performance, and create adaptive paths for reinforcement.

Drive Lasting Impact »

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