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The Client

As a top ranked business school, the client is known worldwide for their innovative education methodology and research. The Financial Times, the world’s leading provider of business school rankings, consistently ranks the client at the top of the list.

The university’s Essentials of Leadership course, a critical course requirement within the Business Management and Leadership program, is designed to help students develop the fundamental management skills and build on critical leadership principles.

The business course is structured to support students as they cultivate their own personal, authentic leadership style. The ultimate goal of the course is to build a critical foundation for a broad and diverse network of leaders and role models.

The Project Outline

Establishing essential leadership qualities requires an ongoing personal drive to develop these principles over an extended period of time. In fact the client found that the first 2 years of a person’s career is critical to the development of their essential leadership skills.

Therefore the principles learned during the Essentials of Leadership course must be continuously fostered and developed after graduation in order to have the most impact.

In order to foster leaders and grow social capital, the client knew they needed to find a way to support graduates with their growing leadership skills during the first two years of their career. In addition, the client wanted to prove to the corporate world that their graduates were not only well educated, but also possessed unique leadership abilities.


The client knew that in order to establish strong leaders, they needed to reinforce the leadership principles taught during the Essentials Leadership course. The client came to Mindmarker requesting an extensive 2-year training reinforcement program that focused on 3 main reinforcement objectives: growing their leadership skills, fostering their personal development, and solidifying their authentic leadership style.

Program Timeline »

Mindmarker designed an extensive training reinforcement 2-year program that focused on developing leadership skills and style.

Reinforcement Content »

The reinforcement program included various types of quiz and survey questions asking the learner to define their leadership style.

Program Design »

Mindmarker designed an engaging story line that included a series of inspirational messages, images, voice recordings, videos and articles.

Computer Desk

The Results of the 2-Year Program

After completing the 2-year program, the learners received an official certificate proving that they have established their personal leadership style and showing the market they not only understand leadership principles, but also know how to apply their leadership skills on the job. Mindmarker encouraged participants to share their experiences through open questions.


of all the business school graduates have proven that they have developed their own effective leadership style.


built stronger networks and ranked these network relationships as very valuable to their careers.


of leadership graduates implemented the knowledge and skills learned in their Essentials of Leadership course.

With Mindmarker, behavior change results are 4x greater.

Without training reinforcement, only 21% of learners apply their new knowledge and skills, but when training is reinforced with Mindmarker, more than 83% of learners achieved long-term behavior change. Mindmarker helps learners change their behaviors and apply what they learned in training back on the job. See reported findings below:

Leadership effectiveness
increased by


Time spent training
new hires decreased by


Sales volume
increased by


Customer satisfaction ratings
increased by


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