Why Your Organization Should Budget for Reinforcement

The Cost of NOT including Reinforcement in Your Training Budget

Mindmarker training reinforcement helps organizations measure and prove training results. Without data to back up your post-training metrics, how can you prove that your training was successful?

Most learners struggle to even remember your training much less apply what they learned. If there isn’t application, then what’s the impact on the organization? Why spend all your dollars on a training event with no method or tool to measure the success of the event? How do you make sure your learners apply your training? The answer is you can’t – not without reinforcement.

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While you are in the middle of your budget planning period, we would like to share the typical cost, time, and resources needed to add reinforcement to your training programs.

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Your reinforcement program will have MAJOR financial impacts: #1. Reduction in training cost
#2. Increase in business impact from achieving desired behavior changes

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 When you invest so much time, resources, and budget into training shouldn’t you make sure your learners transfer what they learned in your training into application?

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Why reinforce?

Over the last 10 years Mindmarker has helped organizations accomplish their training goals, prove behavior change, measure training impact, and achieve the desired results after the training event is over.

While you are in the middle of your budget planning period, we would like to share the typical cost, time, and resources needed to add reinforcement to your training programs.

4 Key Questions to Ask

Start by asking these key questions:
1. How many resources do I need to support our program?
2. How long will the program be?
3. How complex is the program?
4. What can we outsource?


Time & Resources

Let’s start with time & resources need to create a reinforcement program. The total investment in time to create your reinforcement program can take less than 2 business days. That’s it. See the simple steps below needed to create a reinforcement program:

Step #1: Schedule a Reinforcement Kick-Off Session

Organize a quick 30-minute kick-off session with your development team. Utilize this time to introduce your plans to run a reinforcement program and answer any questions the team may have.

Step #2: Define the Desired Behavior Change(s)

The next step would be to set up a second meeting with your team to define the desired behavior change(s) that you would like to see from your learners. These desired behavior changes and the desired impact on the organization will be used to define your reinforcement objectives.This is the most challenging step, but also the most important element to produce results.

Defining objectives can take a couple hours to discuss, but Mindmarker has made it even easier by providing a step-by-step guide on how to determine your reinforcement objectives. Utilize this guide to facilitate the conversation, reduce meeting time, and clearly define your objectives. Once your objectives are defined, move on to step #3.

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Reinforcement Objectives

Step #3: Understanding Mindmarker Blueprints

Let’s assume your in-house subject matter experts will oversee the creation of your reinforcement programs.While they may not be experienced in creating your reinforcement programs, they do understand the learning content very well. And fortunately, the Mindmarker platform is easy to learn and very user friendly. Plus, our program blueprints make it even easier to design and build your program.

Over the last 10 years, Mindmarker has created an algorithm behind our program blueprints. Just select the number of objectives and the duration of your program to start adjusting, editing, and customizing your program blueprint.

Each blueprint already contains scheduled Mindmarker reinforcement messages categorized by type, color-coded by objective, and laid out in a timeline on our comprehensive grid view. All your program designer would need to do is add your unique content to the Mindmarker placeholders in the blueprint.

Our program blueprints save you the hassle of creating a structure, schedule, and timeline etc. It’s all right there, ready to be used. Your team can start directly with building the messages and questions, in a structure that is proven to help your learners transfer their learning into application. We suggest your program designers attend a 1-hour training to walk through how to use the blueprints within the Mindmarker tool.

Step 4: Building Your Reinforcement Program to Achieve Desired Behavior Change(s)

An average reinforcement program has between 40 – 60 communication moments, called Mindmarkers. Once again, the program blueprints contain Mindmarker placeholders that your designer can quickly edit and customize. Creating the communication messages (including approval and testing) will take about 10 – 12 minutes per message.

10 Minutes X 40 Mindmarkers = 400 Minutes is the total time to create your program.

Plus our blueprints contain built-in designer notes to explain to your designer the thought process behind each Mindmarker type and program structure – so that your organization to quickly create the perfect reinforcement program within a day or two.

Step 5: Inviting Learners

Once your program is designed and approved, you can easily upload a list with your learners email addresses and invite them to get started. Creating a list of learners and uploading the list to the system will take less than an hour. Some clients don’t have the resources available or prefer for us to create the program for them. In this scenario, your organization would to need allocate about 5 hours for the scope call, program review, and program approval.


Financial Impact

Now that we’ve addressed the time and resources needed, let’s talk financial cost.

Your reinforcement will have two MAJOR financial impacts:
1. Reduction in traditional training cost
2. Business impact from achieving desired behavior changes

Reinforcement costs less than 10% of your training.

Mindmarker provides continuous 12-month learning so that your organization can reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom and reduce the amount of money spent on travel, food, and other training expenses. Because Mindmarkers only take about 5 minutes to complete, the messages will not disrupt work productivity.

What is so fascinating is the cost of reinforcement in comparison to the cost of training programs. So how much does reinforcement cost? Reinforcement costs less than 10% of the total cost of your training!

One of our global clients calculated the total cost to create their reinforcement program and reported that the overall cost of reinforcement was only 2.3% of the training costs. They also shared that the reinforcement program had created behavior change, which resulted in a 121% increase in sales volume.

It’s essential that you define and measure the financial impact your training and your reinforcement objectives (desired behavior changes) will have on your company. When you invest so much time, resources, and budget into training shouldn’t you make sure your learners transfer what they learned in your training into application?

When you define the impact achieved from your reinforcement objectives, you can easily translate these results into financial impact.To think that you achieve maximum business results for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week, is a no-brainer (no pun intended).

Your organization can actually provide ongoing mobile reinforcement training for 12 months for less than the cost of 1 day of training.

Examples of Business Impact

Here are some other examples of how Mindmarker achieves behavior change and drives business impact:



Increase in Leadership Development


Increase in Sales Volume


Decrease in time spent training new hires

4 reasons to not forget to include reinforcement in your budget:

1.  Creating a program takes less than 16 hours of your time

2. Execute your reinforcement program within a week

3. Reinforcement cost is less than 10% of your training costs

4. The business impact and proven behavior change results

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