Personalized & Adaptive Learning App

Mindmarker’s mobile learning application helps guide learners down a personalized learning path that leads to application and long-term behavior change.

Focus on Behavior Change

With Mindmarker, behavior change results can be up to four times greater. Our learning application will help your organization achieve lasting impact.


Learners can easily receive and access various types of Mindmarker reinforcement messages including: quiz, survey, open questions, videos, images, PDFs, and links.


Learners can access learning content on demand (pull) or you can schedule content to be sent (push) to learners at the right time to create lasting impact.


Mindmarker applies a point system to motivate learners to follow the ideal path. Connect a leaderboard to the awarded points to motivate and maximize engagement.

Learning Journey

The app provides a clear overview of what has been completed and what is yet to come. Learners can participate in multiple programs and easily keep track of progress and results per program.

Global Performance

Mindmarker recognizes your learner’s location and adjusts to their local timezone. In addition, the app adjusts to the language selected within the learner’s device settings (20+ languages).

API & Global Security

Connect our learning system with an API to any LMS to easily manage activation and results of learners. Mindmarker upholds the strictest global security, compliance, and privacy standards.

Experience Mindmarker

Download the Mindmarker app to experience Mindmarker as a learner.