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Download the Mindmarker app to experience Mindmarker as a learner. Discover how our user-friendly tool reinforces your training.

Personalized & Adaptive Learning App

Our mobile learning application was designed to maximize training impact and drive lasting behavior change. The Mindmarker app helps guide learners down a personalized learning path that leads to application and long-term behavior change.

How does it work?

Mindmarker’s advanced system will automatically trigger a series of well balanced push and pull communication moments delivered to learners post-training. By incorporating microlearning with personalized, adaptive reinforcement, Mindmarker utilizes advanced technology to deliver bite-sized reinforcement messages strategically designed, scheduled, and measured.

Focus on Behavior Change

With Mindmarker, behavior change results can be up to four times greater. Our learning application will help your organization achieve lasting impact. By connecting critical elements like optimized media, length, and delivery, Mindmarker helps learners remember and apply their new knowledge and skills.

On-Demand Resources

Learners will receive additional information automatically and/or have access to a resource library with additional learning materials that are available to them on-demand.


Gamification makes reinforcement interactive and helps learners apply training principles. When the leaderboard is used correctly, it will motivate learners to continue down the ideal learning path.

Preview our reinforcement app design.

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Track Progress

The app’s design provides a clear overview and allows learners to easily access active programs, review completed programs, and monitor all of their stats quickly and easily.

Clear Metrics

Learners have a strong desire to visualize what they have accomplished. By focusing on three key metrics, the stats screen provides learners with a clear picture of their learning path, track their progress, and monitor their results.

20+ Languages

Mindmarker’s cloud-based platform includes 20+ languages that automatically recognizes the user’s location and adjusts to their local time zone and language.

Global Security

While a lot of features have changed within the new app design, Mindmarker continues to uphold the strictest global security, compliance, and privacy standards.