Why redesign an already five star application?

Our learning application was redesigned with one goal in mind: to further maximize impact. Over the last year, Mindmarker has been working to utilize and incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology into our application’s UI, features, layout, and performance. So what is new in our redesigned app?

Program Layout

Programs are now displayed as cards that can be quickly accessed by simply swiping. This new layout allows learners to access and participate in multiple programs.

Learning Paths

By selecting a program card, learners are able to easily track their progress and visualize their full learning path throughout the course of their learning journey.

Quick Access

The old dashboard has been replaced by the following four buttons at the bottom of the screen: Mindmarkers, resources, leaderboard (if activated), and stats.

Prominent Display

New Mindmarkers are more prominently displayed with a NEW call-to-action button. Learners will be able to clearly distinguish between their NEW Mindmarkers and their previously completed Mindmarkers.

Preview New App Design

Click on the arrows to scroll through the screenshots below:

Track Progress

The new dashboard design results in a clearer overview and allows learners to easily monitor their status, access active programs, and review completed programs.

Clear Metrics

The new stats screen focuses on three key metrics: progress, the percentage of questions answered correctly, and the total number of points earned. Learners can view stats for each individual program.

Prevent Errors

When answering a quiz or survey question learners must now click on a confirm button to confirm their answer. This new button was designed to help eliminate user error and prevent any accidental submissions.

Easier Onboarding

We have improved the design, layout, navigation, and the way learners complete new Mindmarkers. Plus, the registration and onboarding flow has been improved with less clicks and new screen input designs.

What happens when the new app goes live?

The first release of the new app design will automatically go live at the end of November. Learners will automatically see the new design and do not need to re-download the app. Learners can simply stay logged in and continue to enjoy their programs.

Focus on Behavior Change

With all the visual and design changes, you can expect an even more effective learning application that will produce lasting behavior change and achieve even greater results.

Global Security Standards

While a lot of features have changed within the new app design, Mindmarker continues to uphold the strictest global security, compliance, and privacy standards.


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