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Mindmarker Leadership

David Froelich

Chairman Of The Board and Chief Executive Officer

David is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Mindmarker. Mindmarker is the global leader in training reinforcement and behavior change. We help corporate clients and training partners use their training content to create a highly effective reinforcement program that is delivered through our innovative SaaS platform.

David’s professional goal is to empower professionals by creating a more effective learning reinforcement system, ensuring organizations are the best equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

David spends his time studying continued education, corporate training, and how to best implement corporate training solutions. David works to ensure investments are not wasted when organizations pay for continued education for their employees. He is especially passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy, serving on the Greater Boston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce and an active member of Gay Fathers of Greater Boston.

Paul Geary

Chief Finance Officer

Paul brings decades of experience in accounting and management to the company.  He is a partner in Baker Corbett & Geary, LLC and in his function as a part-time CFO services provider has worked with Mindmarker since its inception.  Paul has experience in both public and private accounting. In Public Accounting Paul started with a Big-8 firm and has worked as both self-employed and employed for a number of CPA firms including Baker Corbett & Geary (since 2009).  His experience in public has included financial attest (audit, review, and compilation), tax preparation for corporations, partnerships and LLC/LLP’s, Trusts and nonprofit entities, and management consulting. His part-time CFO services have included retail operations, Commercial Cleaning company, and Construction company as well as Mindmarker. 

Paul’s private accounting experience includes controller of a retail sales company, internal audit staff for an international manufacturing company (NYSE), assistant treasurer for a regional wholesaler and Treasurer of an educational software distributor. 

Paul is a CPA, has a BS Accounting from Bentley University, an MBA (high distinction) from Babson College, an MS Taxation from Bentley University and is recognized as a CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) by the AICPA.

Stuart Horne

Business Development

Stuart Horne recently joined MindMarker to build a partnership ecosystem.  He has a more than thirty-year career where he has worked in leading software companies in the enterprise applications and infrastructure software markets.  His functional expertise is the area of technology partnerships and strategic go to market alliances. He is a proven enterprise software executive with extensive background and experience in strategy, marketing, alliances, partner sales and business development with global software and consulting firms. He is also experienced in early and late-stage private firms, and mid to large-sized public software companies

Stuart has led teams focused on go-to partnership and sales activities at PeopleSoft, SeeBeyond, Mercury, HP Software and AppDynamics. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Maarten van der Vlugt

Head of Product

Maarten is the Head of Product for Mindmarker. He has been working for almost seven years at the company since the summer of 2013. Maarten has been enthusiastic about technology in general all his life, specifically Software Development, as a teenager already completing several web projects. Eventually, this resulted in Maarten setting up a small company developing websites with a couple of friends during his student years in Utrecht, where he also completed his BsC in Information Sciences at the University of Utrecht. 

After working briefly as an external consultant for Mindmarker, he started his professional career at the company as a Business Analyst. Over the years gradually taking more responsibility and control over the development and defining the future roadmap of the Mindmarker product, eventually leading to his current role within the organization as Head of Product. Maarten enjoys talking to customers and industry experts to feed new product development ideas. 

Maarten is passionate about technology in everyday life and has been able to redirect that enthusiasm in Educational Technology and more specifically Training Reinforcement. His keen sense for User Experience and Software Usability drives him to improve the product every day and he is always looking at the newest technologies to potentially embed into the Mindmarker Software suite. This enthusiasm reflects on all the Mindmarker colleagues Maarten works with, both in the Amsterdam office and remotely. Maarten enjoys traveling with his wife and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Bogdan Stabryn

Software Development and IT Manager

At Mindmarker Bogdan’s role is Software Development and IT manager in that role he is responsible for the technical aspects of the software product development, releases, and delivery. He started his career in software development in 2010. He started out as a freelancer working on a variety of projects where his natural talent for Software development made him quickly collect a lot of experience. Bogdan has worked on a lot of web-based software products, with different complexity, from corporate websites to more advanced tools like social networks.

He joined the Mindmarker software development team in the summer of 2013. Bogdan started as a software developer and in that role, he was responsible for rebuilding the existing platform to match the professionalism and ambition of the company. Over the years he has worked with a range of different technologies and within the team fulfilled a variety of roles. In the most recent years, Bogdan has developed himself into a leading role within the team, guiding younger inexperienced software developers and elevating the technology stack of the organization. His latest contributions to the Mindmarker platform focus on the software’s architecture, API integrations, authorization and infrastructure and resulted in huge performance and load improvements for the Mindmarker software suite. 

Bogdan has a Master’s degree from Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine. He lives in Zaandam, the Netherlands, with his wife and two kids.

Jennifer Jurs

Customer Success Manager

Jennifer is the Global Customer Success Manager at Mindmarker, joining the team in 2015. Starting in the Atlanta, GA office and now sitting with the team in Amsterdam. Jennifer is passionate about customer success and aims to build strong, trusted relationships with customers.  Ensuring that all customers are empowered and engaged with the Mindmarker system. It is her goal to advocate and support customer’s needs, understand their goals and support them to reach these through our technology. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys traveling and exploring her new city of Amsterdam.